School Contact Registration Instructions – 2019


A new online registration system has been developed for the Waterloo-Wellington Science & Engineering Fair (WWSEF). It is more secure than the previous application and provides easier access for students under certain circumstances. School Contacts who have been involved with the WWSEF in the past will recall that individual codes were supplied to provide access to the previous registration site. These codes are no longer required.

Each School Contact will create his or her own account in the system; with passwords known only to them. School Contacts will manage the information about their school and themselves along with the names of student participants and the titles of their projects. The students will manage the information about themselves and the details of their projects.

Similar to the previous system, School Contacts will send an email to students inviting them to participate in the fair but unlike the previous system an email needs to be sent to both students in a team project, not just one.

School Contacts need to be familiar with all of the rules, regulations and guidelines of the Fair as provided through our main website located at


A/ School Contact Registration
School contacts will receive a Registration System email (from with a link to the WWSEF Registration Site (this will occur no later than the end of January). Click on the link to go to the School Contact registration site. Follow the instructions on the screen and complete the information required.

NB! Note to return to the WWSEF Registration Site after the initial school setup use the url –

To log out of the system click on the down arrow to the right of your user name in the top right of the main title bar and select Log Out.

B/ Inviting Students
Once the school has been set up, the School Contact can begin to invite students. All that is needed is the name and email address that will be used by the student. This generates an email that is sent to the student with a link to the registration system.

To add a student click on the Students + Add button and then complete the required fields.

NB! For a team project, both students need to be invited.

Students can then access the email message later or, if the student is with the School Contact at the time the invitation is sent, they can access their file immediately and complete it then. This is useful in cases where a student does not have an actual email address. In this case a dummy email address such as “” can be used. This will serve as the student’s login and he or she can complete their personal registration if the Register Now option is selected.

Once the student begins to complete his or her personal registration information all mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk “ * ”) must be complete before the file can be saved. Students will be able to access their file at any time (up to the registration deadline) to make changes. Please provide students with the Student Instructions attached.

Once the student has completed his or her personal registration information their status on the School Management Desktop will change from Unregistered to Registered, indicated by a Green Check Mark icon beside the student’s name. However, students will not be able to complete the Project registration until they have been assigned to a project by the School Contact.

To review the student file entered, click on the green check mark box icon.

C/ Adding Projects and Assigning Students
School Contacts must also create the initial Project files and link students to them.

To add a project, click on the Project + Add Button.

You will need to enter the Title of the project, indicate if the preferred language is English or French and select the Category and Age Division for the Project/Student.

Once the student has completed his or her personal registration and their status is indicted as Registered theycan be assigned to a project. Click on the Project button and select the project for that student. Be sure to assign both students in a team to the same project.

Note that a counter beside the + Add Project button indicates the remaining number of projects that can be entered for the school. This limit is based on the eligible student population and other factors as indicated in our regulations. If the School Contact wishes to request a change to the limit, he or she should contact the registrar at

Once a student is linked to a project he or she will have access to the Project file and can complete the required information.

D/ Signature/Permission Forms
As part of the registration process parental/guardian permission for the students (under the age of 18) to participate is required. The School Contact, or the teacher working with the student, and the student him or herself must also sign the Signature Forms. Students generate the forms by clicking on the Print Signature Sheets button.

The student should then sign them, have their parents/guardians sign them (if under 18) and submit them to the teacher supervising their work to be signed by them. The complete Signature Forms are collected by the School Contact and submitted to the WWSEF Registrar (see below) along with the $15 per student registration fee no later than March 21, 2019.

Please contact the WWSEF Registrar if you have any questions at