Student/Exhibitor Registration Instructions – 2019

Congratulations on being selected to participate in the 2019 Waterloo-Wellington Science & Engineering Fair (WWSEF). The following instructions will assist you in getting yourself and your project fully registered for the Fair.

NB! The Student online registration closes at midnight, Friday March 8, 2019

Please note that it is your responsibility to be aware of, and to follow all of the rules and regulations for the Fair. These can be found on the Fair Information page.(Project Creation Manual, the Writing the Research Report Manual, the Exhibitor Manual and the Fair Day Manual)

NB! DO NOT BEGIN ANY PROJECTS involving humans or other animals until you have approval of the WWSEF Ethics Officer, who can be contacted via

A/ Personal Registration
Your School Contact will send you an invitation to participate in the WWSEF via email through the WWSEF Registration system (it will be from The email will have a link to the registration system for you. Click on the link to go to the registration site and enter all of the required data. Be sure to take note of the password you create.

All fields marked with an asterisk “ * ” are mandatory and must be completed before the file can be saved. You can access your registration file at any time and make changes as required.

NB! Note to return to the WWSEF Registration Site after the initial access use the url –

If people have difficulty pronouncing your first or last name please provide a pronunciation key in the indicated field.

If you have any medical conditions of which the Fair organizers should be aware, such as diabetes or an allergy for which you carry an epipen, be sure to include these in the appropriate field. Also, make sure all food allergies are listed in the field for these as well.

The Second Emergency contact is optional but if a name is entered all other mandatory fields for the second Emergency Contact must be complete as well.

Your school Contact will also create your Project file in the registration system by entering your project title, Category and Division. Once you have completed your personal registration information above your School Contact will assign you to your project and you will then be able to complete your Project registration information.

B/ Project Registration Once you School Contact has assigned you to your project you will have access to the Project file.

If you are part of a team project, both you and your partner will have access to the project registration file and you need to be sure that you communicate with each other about information that is entered and any changes that are made.

Click on the Edit button beside the Project section heading and enter the required data.

All fields marked with an asterisk “ * ” are mandatory and must be completed before the file can be saved. However, if necessary, temporary data can be entered and your project registration file can be accessed and edited later; e.g. if you do not have your full Project Summary Report completed when you first access the Project registration you can enter any data to satisfy the requirement of the field (minimum of 100 words) and enter the full Report later. This report is marked and should follow the outlined provided in the Writing The Research Report Manual on our main website.

Be sure to indicate if your project requires an electrical connection.
Note: If you require electricity for your project one standard outlet will be provided.

Be sure to indicate if your project requires a display table.
Note: A standard display space on a table, sufficient to hold the maximum display size allowed for a project is provided for each project. In some cases exhibitors construct their display such that it sits on the floor; only in this case should you not select “Requires a Table”.

C/ Safety Questions
You need to confirm that your project adheres to the Rules and Regulations of the Fair. This is found in the Exhibitor Manual on the Project & Fair Information page
On your Management Dashboard click on the highlighted text following safety form

You need to check each item listed. When you come to the Fair, a Rules and Safety Check will be conducted to verify that your project is compliant with the Fairs Rules and Regulations.

D/ Signature Forms
As part of the registration process parent/guardian permission, if you are under the age of 18, is required for you to participate. This is obtained by printing a set of Signature Sheets. There is also a section for you to sign.

You print the forms by clicking on the link in the highlighted text the following forms.

You then sign your section, have your parent(s)/guardian(s) sign them (if under 18) and submit them to your teacher supervising you work to be signed by them and forwarded to the WWSEF Registrar along with the $15 per student registration fee.

If you have any questions you can contact the WWSEF Registrar at