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Please Note: Some of the information in the Manuals on this page may change due to our Virtual Fair, so check back to see what changes over the next month.


School Entries:
Registration will require the School Contacts to "Invite" the students from their schools to participate.
Schools need to create an account. If your school has not created an account, contact the Registrar.
Registration generates a link to the exhibitor portion of the registration website.
See below for detailed registration procedures.
The deadline for the signed Signature Pages to be received by the Registrar will be March 12, 2021.

Individual Entries:
Researchers working on science fair projects independently (i.e. home-schooled or attending schools with no science fair activity) should apply directly to the Registrar to participate in the fair.
Before beginning work on a research project these prospective participants should have contacted the Registrar prior to February 1.
Before you register, you should be aware of the information available on this page.


For School Contacts  image link to pdf
For Students/Exhibitors  image link to pdf

The link to Entry Registration will be available here in late January 2021.


The  Project Creation Manual   image link to pdf  or  HTML  contains information on Selecting, Researching, Doing, Writing and Displaying the Project

The Writing the Research Report Manual  image link to pdf  or  HTML provides information on how to organize your report and includes sample reports.

The  Exhibitor Manual  image link to pdf or  HTML   has a lot of necessary information including Regulations about:
  • Eligibility
  • Project Types, Age Categories, and Divisions.
  • Academic Integrity
  • Ethical Use of Humans and Animals in Projects
  • Project Display Safety

DO NOT BEGIN ANY project involving HUMANS OR ANIMALS until you are familiar with the ETHICS rules. ALL projects involving ANIMALS and some involving HUMANS need to have approval from the WWSEF Ethics officer before you begin.

Forms & Regulations for Research with Human & Animal subjects:
Read the regulations and forms and decide which is applicable. After reading the forms, if you have any questions, email the WWSEF Ethics Officer.
If you use Form 4.1B or 4.1C, they must be sent to the WWSEF Ethics Officer for approval.
Form 4.1A can be given to your teacher or sent to the WWSEF Ethics Officer.
Humans - Low Risk Form 4.1A  image link to pdf
Humans - Significant Risk Form 4.1B image link to pdf
Implied Consent Form  image link to pdf
Informed Information Letter and Consent Form  image link to pdf
Regulations for Animal Use in Research image link to pdf or HTML
Animals - Form 4.1C  image link to pdf


The Supervisor Manual  image link to pdf  or  HTML
contains the following information:
  • Registration method
  • Sample school science fair timeline
  • Parent Information letter sample

If any project involves humans or animals in any way, be sure to check the regulations and forms in the Exhibitor Manual image link to pdf or  HTML

Judging Sheet image link to pdf