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When entries meet certain standards, gold, silver, bronze and pewter level prizes may be awarded in each of the 12 category/divisions.
The projects are placed into one of three Divisions - Engineering, Life Science, or Physical & Math Science. Within each of these Divisions, the projects are further divided into one of three Categories, according to the grades of the participants - Junior (grades 7 and 8), Intermediate (grades 9 and 10) or Senior (grades 11, and 12).
Each award consists of a gold, silver or bronze medal plus a cash prize.
Junior Category:
Bronze - $30, Silver -$60, Gold- $100.
Intermediate & Senior Categories:
Bronze - $40, Silver -$40, Gold- $70.
In the case of group projects, individual medals/certificates will be awarded, but the cash prize will be shared.
Pewter medals are also awarded to all deserving projects.

A "Best of Division" plaque is awarded to the entry judged best among division gold level winners in each of the three divisions. The selection of the winner(s) of these awards takes into account the ages and grades of the entrants being compared.


I. Awards of Merit.
Awards of Merit go to the top projects in the fair. The award includes an all expenses paid trip to the Canada-Wide Science Fair. Invitations to apply for membership in Team Canada at the International Science and Engineering Fair are made at the Canada-Wide Science Fair. These awards are sponsored by the University of Guelph, the University of Waterloo, and the Rotary Club of Guelph.

II. The Award of Excellence.
One of the winners of the Award of Merit is selected as the top exhibit in the fair.


University of Guelph,
University of Waterloo,
Wilfrid Laurier University

These Universities award a $1000 admission scholarship to all Senior Gold Medal Winners which becomes active upon successful registration at the respective universities.

Shad Valley
$500 Scholarship awarded to intermediate gold winners.


Best Written Report Awards.
Given in each of the three categories - junior, intermediate and senior, to the student(s) submitting the best written Research Report.

Chem 13 Award.
The Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo, award for the best exhibit with an emphasis on chemistry. The award is a one year subscription to a scientific journal suitable for the level of the award winner.

Sir Isaac Newton Award
The University of Waterloo Department of Physics awards a $50 gift certificate to the exhibit, in each of the three categories, that is the best project with an emphasis on physics.

Stephen J. Little Presentation Award
Stephen J. Little was highly respected, long-time member of the WWSEF organization, former president of the Youth Science Foundation of Canada, and supporter of the CWSF movement. A trophy and gift Card are presented to the student who exhibits the most creativity and effectiveness in the presentation of a project.

Ted Rogers Innovation Award
This award is given to a project that shows entrepreneurial spirit and demonstrates commercial potential.